Everything you need to know about Sustainably Run Restaurants.

What is Sustainably Run Restaurants?

This initiative allows you to become certified as a member of Sustainably Run Restaurants, joining an illustrious list of the world's finest, who are helping to improve restaurant sustainability.

Once certified you and your customers can help offset the environmental impact of the meal, while helping to positively impact poverty around the world.

Simply through planting life-changing trees in developing countries, our initiative has proven successful at elevating diners' experiences, improving restaurant's reputations, their performance and most importantly - making a difference to our society.


“An amazing way for the Restaurant industry to be more socially responsible while ensuring sustainability for future generations” Cory Morrison, CHS, CHRM

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Sustainably Run Restaurants and James Martin.

Since April 2012, James Martin has entrusted Sustainably Run Restaurants to enhance his restaurant located at Manchester235 Casino.

James Martin Manchester is a restaurant which has rapidly grown in popularity and built a reputation for quality food, incredible service and an overall outstanding customer experience, with thanks to the support offered by Sustainably Run Restaurants.

Since 2012 James Martin Manchester has boasted 5-star diner reviews, has been featured in both local and national press, as well as having built a name for being one of the most prestigious locations in Manchester!

Since achieving Sustainably Run Restaurants certification, James Martin’s restaurant has won a prestigious Green Apple environmental best practice award which was presented at the Houses of Parliament.

Planting Trees in Developing Countries Helps in Many Ways.


Sustainable Food & Living

Due to the range of trees planted, communities can:

  • Grow their own staple crops, vegetables fruit
  • Create low hanging leaves and foraging spaces for animals
  • Use surplus wood for fuel and construction.

Improved Health

  • Fruit trees provide foods for families and contribute to enhancing their diet.
  • Products sold on the market provide income and facilitate access to healthcare.

Repairing Ecosystems

  • Much of nature has been lost to farming for things such as, livestock, rapseed, tobacco and coal.
  • Land that has lost trees is more susceptible to flooding, mudslides and landslides.
  • Planting trees creates and sustains biodiversity.

Facilitates Education

  • Surplus of food sold drives income and enables communities to provide education for their children
  • Creating higher-skilled individuals supports long term positive changes.

Creates Income

  • The food that is not used can be trading for goods.
  • Creates jobs in communities where there is little opportunity.

‘An outstanding initiative which successfully merges the luxury of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.’

Mr Satinder Bindra, whilst Director of Communications for United Nations Environment
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The Green Earth Appeal

The Sustainably Run Restaurant initiative is delivered in conjunction with the Green Earth Appeal. With 500,000 trees planted by Sustainably Run Restaurant and over 1 million planted by The Green Earth Appeal, together we are making a positive change for our environment. Green Earth Appeal is recognized as a United Nations Conservation Partner.

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