Making a difference is so simple

Every time you schedule a meeting using your email platform, you can choose whether it is a Sustainably Run Meeting.


When you invite attendees to a Sustainably Run Meeting, each attendee will have a tree planted in a developing country, to help offset the environmental impact of your business.


Each attendee will receive a customised email, with a link to their own Sustainably Run Meeting certificate, showing them how they have helped contribute to environmental sustainability and its importance.

The customer can share their certificate straight from the website through major social channels, creating positive noise about your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

View our demo and we’ll plant your 1st tree for free today

Telling your CSR story is often one of the hardest things to achieve. Sustainably Run Meetings allows you to reach a truly global audience of internal and external customers, quickly and effectively. 

In the demo experience you will see the:
  • Email attendees receive 
  • Attendee tree planting certificate
  • Demo showcase page

How it works

14 day free trial

As a welcome to Sustainably Run Meetings, the trees planted in your first 14-days are all completely free. Each tree after costs only £0.99. Start making a difference today.